Exhibition about plastic waste of the river Tisza


3 years, 28 boats, 300 kilometers, 4 tons of garbage, 150 PET Pirates on the river Tisza – this is the PET Cup, one of the most successful civil movements of the past years. We presented the project first at the Ökoindusztria Fair in 2015; but it will be shown as a travelling exhibition at different places in Hungary. The goal of the exhibition is to raise awareness of the pollution of the river Tisza, the importance to protect our waters and to spread the attitude of the PET CUP community. During the planning of the exhibition concept, it was important to present the rich research materials and the achievements of the project in an accessible, understandable way. A huge PET curtain of approximately 5000 PET bottles attached to each other provided the entrance installation. We created an installation of objects originating from the Tisza river-flats and brought in a wall piece of the Tisza bank containing the typical garbage lines of the river as they had been piled up over the years. In the background, a several meters long infographic showed the perplexing numbers and the route of the garbage and the PET boats.

Client: Ökopack Kft.
Graphic Design: Kata Kerekes
Installation: Dávid Varga

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