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Café Fusi
Café Fusi

The name of the project was inspired by the slang word “fusi.” Originally, this expression meant the non-permitted and tax-avoiding work of craftsman and mechanics.using  the resources of the workplace in the socialism “illegaly”. Today it is not the state system but consumer society we are stepping up by looking for tools solving the problems in a “do it yourself” way, within the system but with no extra resources. Café Fusi presented workshops, panel discussions, films to call attention to overconsumption, waste, and depreciation over design. Café Fusi was organized as part of Design Week Budapest 2015, reflecting on the main topic of the Design Week “Home Sweet Home” in a provocative way and asked what the role of designers behind the slogan “sustainability” was. The project contrasts well-known terms in industrial design such as planned obsolescence and styling with the forward-looking ethical design where it does matter how we leave Earth behind to the next generations. Promoting reuse, repair is in the center of the project.

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