Bikeology exhibition catalogue

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Photo © Studio Nomad

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Photo © Studio Nomad
Photo © Studio Nomad

The designers consider it a principle to reach the widest possible array of social groups. Design and design-thinking is capable of increasing the circle of users above a critical mass and multiplying the role of the bike as a social integrator. Numerous recent design movements – like social design, tactical urbanism, or open design – prove the inspirational role of the bicycle in the area of design.

The goal is to have more people sit in the saddle to generate a real change in one of the most wonderful design challenges. The universality of the bicycle makes development accessible for everyone.

The catalogue is a joint publication of the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest and the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport, Budapest, on the occasion of the exhibition “Bikeology”, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, June 17-November 27, 2016